Construction Software for General Contractors

In a business where every step depends on the one before, subcontract management and project collaboration are absolute necessities. Your construction management software must be able to coordinate project management teams with accounting, but without duplicating data entry. This should be done without sacrificing real-time project data or security requirements, while maintaining a high level of subcontract processing. eCMS has the ability to do just that, through a fully integrated solution that starts with job cost projection and ends at project completion.

eCMS provides flexible reporting of actual costs versus budget committed costs and critical cost to completion analysis to keep you informed. Now, the ability to effectively manage subcontracts and the scope of the entire project is are integrated into one powerful construction software solution.

Creating an effective workflow in a subcontract environment can be difficult. The eCMS Document Imaging and Workflow solutions ensure that you always have supporting documentation on hand, along with providing standardization of important processes. With full integration into the eCMS solution accounting system these features ensure accurate data is recorded, document compliance is met, while providing quick access to project leaders.

Leading general contractors are leveraging technology solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams — both at the field level and in the office. Now is the time to make technology work for you.