Construction Software for Specialty Contractors

The specialty contracting industry is one which requires a high degree of flexibility. Management of purchase orders and inventory are key components that require a dynamic solution. The eCMS browser-based interface goes wherever the user does, allowing them complete access and control from any job location. This means inventory tracking and reporting is always up to date and on hand. Our construction management solution also provides for the type of flexibility that is inherent within the realm of specialty contracting with adaptable account coding featuring different levels for different individuals (i.e. owners, project managers, bonding companies, etc.).

Another important application of today's specialty contractors is the Time and Material (T&M) Billing application. This feature enhances billing with the ability to quickly generate T&M invoices during the progression of work. The data entered within the system is edited against information in the Accounts Receivable system for customers, jobs, and contract items.

Leading specialty contractors are leveraging technology solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their teams — both at the field level and in the office. Now is the time to make technology work for you.