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March 15, 2017
eCMS v.4.1 - Constructech Top Product

"Data is key to better decision-making and eCMS v.4.1 translates it in a way that enables construction professionals to make decisions. The technology has core capabilities needed with powerful new enhancements." Constructech Editors 

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January 3, 2017
eCMS v.4.1 2017 Hot Products

Smarter Construction with eCMS v.4.1 and the result is always a quality project completed on time and within budget

eCMS v.4.1 ERP industry-leading technology enables instant communication, in-depth analytics and far-reaching flexibility. With this integrated construction environment, contractors can maximize effectiveness, optimize resource allocation and minimize costs. The end result is always a quality project completed on time and within budget—that’s smarter construction from Computer Guidance Corporation.

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October 6, 2016
Smarter Construction with eCMS v.4.1 ERP

For contractors seeking to maintain or gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex construction industry, eCMS v.4.1 goes far beyond the typical reports and dashboards associated with integrated accounting and project management. The new release enables businesses to consistently improve their operations, conduct strategic long- and short-term planning, and gain an unparalleled edge through smarter business practices, smarter decision-making and, quite simply, smarter construction.

The cloud enhances and facilitates resource deployment through eCMS application interaction without having to install or configure modules on end-user devices. Project managers in the field, executives on the road, corporate staff in the office and project owners at off-site facilities can all view, share and act while leveraging the same data set through the eCMS ERP system.

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March 18, 2016
If Only Your Business Decisions Were as Simple as Your Choice for Friday Night: “Dine-In” or “Carry-Out

Whether you are a contractor, architect, design-and-build company or facilities management firm, you share a single goal in project delivery…to exceed your customers’ expectations. But, if that business objective wasn’t difficult enough already, the myriad of decisions that must be made along the way are sure to test the skills, strength and heart of any organization.

You need to drive results inside each and every daily task as well as your overall business objectives through the use of an ERP. A truly integrated solution can successfully bring together the financial and operational sides of your business, streamlining access to mission-critical construction-specific data. With an enterprise-class system encompassing all aspects of your activities, the firm’s key stakeholders can unite to reach important decisions quickly and keep projects moving forward on time and on budget despite any changes that may arise.

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February 8, 2016
Employee-Owned, Technology-Driven Construction by Quest

Our users, especially our operations personnel, really appreciate the ability to access eCMS from any computer at any time, and this browser-based approach was a key differentiator for CGC when we were looking at options for our new ERP. With our projects extending further away from our Phoenix headquarters, as well as the evolution of the workplace in general, being able to connect to the ERP from the office, project site, hotel or home without having to access a VPN or terminal server has simplified access as well as created efficiency for the end user. Simply put there are no barriers to system access.

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January 18, 2016
WIMCO Corporation Wins Big Thanks To CGC

WIMCO Corp specializes in commercial building across a variety of industries, including schools and universities, medical facilities, office buildings, drug stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, retail stores, and shopping centers. Building for brand names and others has WIMCO Corp growing at a rate of 48% over the past 3 years.

"Computer Guidance Corporation is better than anyone in the industry at what it does. They develop best-in-class construction accounting and project management software. However, there are so many peripheral products utilized by construction companies that we also rely on third-party vendors to perfect," commented Darlene Moore of WIMCO's executive management team.

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October 1, 2015
Construction School 101: Redefining the 3 Rs

Based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota, and employing a team of 200 people, Carl Bolander old reputation on reliability, integrity, customer satisfaction, and business and resource planning expertise that has been proven beyond a doubt.

Q: What advice can you provide to other contractors when it comes to ERP management and utilization?

A: The most important factor is ease of use and access to the data. Without those two pieces, there’s not going to be any ERP, just a lot of time and money wasted. And, speaking from decades of ERP experience, I have not seen a system anywhere that delivers on those two points like eCMS from Computer Guidance Corporation. They have set the bar for the industry when it comes to accessing raw data and producing a full range of reports.

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September 1, 2015
Decision Time: Almost 100 Years In Making - T.N. Ward Company

T.N. Ward spent significant time and effort selecting our ERP solution as well as planning its implementation. We definitely wanted an integrated solution – one ERP package that would handle both the financial side of the house as well as the operations and project management piece.

'We were facing significant challenges with our existing technology. We had two separate systems, one for project management and one for accounting, and each system didn’t talk to the other. This dilemma resulted in duplicated data entry with associated inaccuracy and inefficiency. Operations staff entered information into one system while the financial team was leveraging an entirely different set of data.'

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July 15, 2015
Built to Last, Built to Lead

We recently provided clients with a powerful new data mining tool, Interactive Data Inquiry (IDI), which would have taken years to create on our own. It is truly exciting as we have several more applications and tools under joint development that are scheduled for release this year, including Service Management, Project Management  and additional mobile applications.

The marketplace will continue to hear a lot from Computer Guidance as our clients receive some very innovative solutions focusing on data, workflows and accessibility. There is much more to do for the construction industry and we welcome this challenge, striving to be the best at what we do so our clients can be the best at what they do.

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July 1, 2015
ERP's Role In Human Resources

A competitive market and a fluctuating economy are putting immense pressure on contractors to recruit and retain high-quality employees to drive efficiency, improve profitability, and push their companies to new heights. However, changes in the industry over the past decade have resulted in a number of concerning trends, including an aging workforce, significant labor shortage, a limited number of technology-savvy workers, and the lack of skilled trade labor on a broad scale.

Read this article to learn about how technology solutions such as an ERP system can assist contractors in tackling these challenges and turning them into opportunities.

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March 26, 2015
GROWTH Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Computer Guidance Corporation was a tremendous acquisition for us at the time and we continue to be thrilled with the results. Great company, great product, and the transaction has proven to be a financially great purchase for us.

Computer Guidance has a tremendous group of customers supported by tenured, knowledgeable employees. The product has a myriad of very strong and cutting-edge functionality supported by the backbone of a long-term product life cycle and a reliable feature set.

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March 26, 2015
Process Drives Productivity At Weis Builders

Our ERP system is the core of our information universe. Data for almost every business function either lives in our ERP system or is somehow linked to it. Our managers, associates, subcontractors, clients, partners and regulators are seamlessly connected and moving forward as a collective body rather than individual, unknowing parts. And, having a centralized system like this makes decisions about how to integrate new processes easier, whether they are internally-developed or third-party workflows. That's one of the primary reasons we've been able to sustain our company's growth over the years and do so at such an effi cient pace.

The integrated nature of eCMS v.4.0 has only enhanced our communications, both internally and with our clients and partners. Computer Guidance Corporation understands that an ERP is not a one-size-fi ts-all system, and that it needs to integrate with custom, feature-specifi c software applications that comprise Weis Builders’ network.

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February 2, 2015
Delivering Value Through AGC Membership Offerings - Computer Guidance ERP Remains The Choice
Thanks to ongoing innovation, technology providers such as Computer Guidance have revolutionized our construction industry with cloud-based, integrated financial and project management, mobile, document imaging, and business intelligence capabilities. Small and large construction companies alike have jumped onto the technology bandwagon.
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January 7, 2015
EE Cruz: Driving The Digital Bridge

In today’s fast-paced highly competitive construction industry, I don’t think it’s possible for any business to function effectively without technology. I am a fi rm believer in full-blown ERP, but at the very least every fi rm should be exploring some type of management software. If you’re not bringing things together, they are likely falling apart. EE Cruz relies on technology in many ways and across many areas of the company, but the most important role that technology has played in our organization was its ability to open up communications between the field and the office. ERP links onsite personnel with back offi ce management and throughout every department of the firm. The end result is empowered employees and data-rich leaders who can make wiser and faster decisions for more projects with greater success.

Our ability to aggregate and interpret data and communicate at light speed drives better business practices across the board and keeps us at the forefront of our market.

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November 20, 2014
Conquering Construction Challenges With Technology

In order to truly advance your organization, it is critical to integrate your financial applications (back-office) with the field (project applications), and to provide access to one comprehensive system that is able to handle both sides of the equation. Synchronization, open and constant communication, and accurate data sharing go hand-in-hand with single solution Enterprise Resource Planning and are direct drivers of better profit margins and overall performance.

Other benefits of bringing technology to the field and the office simultaneously are elevated thinking and faster decision-making. Manual, time-consuming tasks completely disappear, and instant access to information allows every individual in the organization to focus his energy on more strategic activities and revenue-generating objectives.

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October 30, 2014
Arizona Pipeline Co.: Maximizing Self-Performance with ERP Technology

The field needs to be empowered and management can’t wait for end of month or quarterly reporting. Operating activity and the data around it are the most important influencers on profitability. This is where your job cost is determined as this is where you materials, equipment and labor costs are. You need to know how the field is doing and they need to report progress and activity. ERP integrated with daily operations drives cash flow, effective project management and the opportunity to maximize revenue and profit.

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September 5, 2014
Parsons Electric: Building on Decades of ERP Experience

An ERP system is critical for any construction company. And, while there are a handful of choices on the market, I’d choose a mature product and then get involved heavily. Each company needs to get to know its ERP intimately. Get in-depth training, facilitate interaction between users… the more you invest in your ERP, the more you will ultimately get out of it.

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May 14, 2014
Clark Builders: A Walk In The Cloud

Clark Builders implements Computer Guidance Corporation’s hosted ERP solution in order to help manage exponential growth

Edmonton-based Clark Builders is a general building contractor providing commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and residential construction services. The organization has experienced a substantial approximately 45% — growth, reaching $850M in annual revenue, and is a five-year recipient of Best Employers in Canada and Canada ’s Best Managed Companies awards.

To help manage this substantial growth and support future expansion, Clark Builders implemented Computer Guidance Corporation’s cloud-based, hosted ERP solution, including core financial management applications, job costing, time/material billing, Canadian payroll, HR, purchasing, and project collaborator, all of which is supported by business intelligence and analytics, and enterprise content management productivity tools. The company went live on October 28, 2013 following a very short and successful implementation.

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February 25, 2014
Alberici: Enterprise Technology Evolution

A bold move to Computer Guidance ERP has given this industry-leader all the perspective it needs

It was fortunate that the Computer Guidance team had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Kropiunik, Alberici’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Support Services, following its go-live date with Computer Guidance Corporation’s construction ERP solution.

"Our go-live in November 2013 was the culmination of an exhaustive selection process, which resulted with the implementation of Computer Guidance Corporation’s ERP solution. Given the fact that over half of these types of projects fail for companies of our size, we wanted to ensure we had the solution provider, system and plan in place to guarantee our success."

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