Cognos Business Intelligence & Analytics

Application Overview

Computer Guidance’s Cognos Business Intelligence solution leverages IBM’s industry-leading Cognos 10.1.1 solution where eCMS data is exposed to Cognos for a variety of purposes, including reports, queries and dashboard displays. Cognos Business Intelligence unleashes the collective intelligence that is managed in the eCMS database to your organization – so you can see around corners, predict outcomes, make informed decisions and act smarter and faster than the competition. With real-time data, users can create high-level reports with drill-down capabilities to detailed information gaining a complete perspective of their business.

Cognos Business Intelligence provides a set of frameworks that determines which data elements will be made available to Cognos from the eCMS database.

Application Highlights

  • Cognos Frameworks allow for single metadata layer for all reporting
  • Cognos modules fluidly share eCMS data points across multiple disciplines
  • Added security is built in to ensure that your eCMS data and Cognos reports are protected
  • Powerful and intuitive user interface with dashboards provide quick visibility into your operations
  • Cloud-based solution with ubiquitous user access
  • Multiple output and distribution options


Cognos Business Intelligence
Watch the video to the right to learn more about Computer Guidance's integration with IBM's Cognos Business Intelligence platform, bringing all new capabilities for reporting, interactive dashboards and proactive alerts to eCMS construction financial and project management solution.