Data Capture

powered by IBM Datacap application
Application Overview

Captures documents from digital, print (OCR) and handwritten (ICR) sources with the ability to recognize documents based on its "fingerprint" (OMR). Enables the automated assignment of categories and sub-categories, completion of indexes and coding tables and the import of configured data points into the eCMS database. Processes, verifies and associates large volumes of documents and archives them with comprehensive indexing and categorization configurations.

Image Upload

Application Overview

Provides a convenient method for users to capture a large number of documents and images for storage in the eCMS ERP and for association with accounting disciplines, jobs, users and other eCMS and non-eCMS records. Documents can be imported from other solution applications as well as converted into digital documents leveraging imaging devices.

Application Highlights

  • Multiple File Formats Support
  • Advanced Importing and Scanning Configurations
  • Pre-assigned Workflows and Users