Construction Human Capital Management


Construction companies of any size and type rely on software solutions for the management of their human resources processes and documents. Organizations without a dedicated human resources department find it even more important to have a human resources management application in place. In addition, for organizations with a remote workforce, self service applications provide a critical point of contact and tremendous time-saving for both the employee and management team.

The construction human resources pool is quite diverse. A labor force can be comprised of union and non-union workers. The construction workforce is often made up of employees as well as contracted labor. The number of employees per construction companies fluctuates per the current and forecasted project backlog. There are certifications, compliances and specialized skills that need to be administered or adhered to in order to bid and deliver on projects. The ever-changing laws, regulations and the new Healthcare Reform Act demand more administration and reporting from every company. Without leveraging technology solutions to automate the documentation, tracking and reporting, all aspects of human capital management can be a difficult task to accomplish.