eCMS v.4.0 Construction ERP


It's All About Your Data
with Computer Guidance Construction ERP Software

eCMS v.4.0 introduces a new generation of enterprise-class construction management solution with ground-breaking features and functionality that respond to the dynamic demands of the construction industry. Going beyond the functionality of an ERP, eCMS v.4.0 delivers a fully integrated financial and project management application portfolio supported by unparalleled business intelligence and analytics and innovative productivity tools.

We understand that the true value of enterprise resource planning solutions lies in the wealth of data that your company generates on a daily basis. For most companies, the challenge is how to consume the large volumes of valuable information that exists and how to make it available to those that needed when and where they need it. Computer Guidance delivers your data on demand for better analysis, decision-making and forecasting.


eCMS Construction ERP
Watch the video to the right for an overview of Computer Guidance's industry leading eCMS construction financial and project management solution.