eCMS v.4.1—Fully Integrated Construction ERP

Smarter Construction with Computer Guidance Construction ERP Software.

A comprehensive suite of software applications that helps any size and type of commercial contractor manage all aspects of their financials and operations. The true value of an enterprise resource planning solution lies in the abundance of data that your company generates on a daily basis. For most companies, the challenge is how to consume the large volumes of valuable information that is available and how to make it available to those that need it when and where they need it. eCMS delivers your intergrated financial and project data on demand for better business practices resulting in smarter construction.

    Financial Management — Tighter financial control is a proven result of implementing eCMS advanced cost accounting and payroll applications, consolidating all business operations and data into a uniform business environment with unlimited user accessibility and system scalability. Building on this foundation, sustainable cash flow management and strategic planning become a reality with industry-leading financial reporting capabilities and tight financial controls in place.

    Business Intelligence & Analytics — Seeing the big picture is no longer a challenge with eCMS business intelligence and analytics solutions as data is transformed into actionable information. With role-specific dashboards, intuitive launchpads and customizable reports, you will be able to predict outcomes, share insights, make informed decisions and act quickly as new information arises.

    Human Capital Management — Management of your resource pool is simplified through eCMS human capital management applications, maintaining a central repository for all the information regarding your personnel and automating the supporting business processes. Employees are empowered to manage their personal human resources information through self-service capability. Our solutions help commercial contractors like you establish corporate human resources strategies that align with the company’s immediate and long-term financial and operational objectives while providing the opportunity to reduce administrative costs, improve productivity and mitigate risks.

    Project Collaboration — Project completion is assured with Computer Guidance's project management application-PC2, opening channels of communication and facilitating the exchange of project and financial data between the operations and financial teams. All aspects of your operations are synchronized with streamlined workflows and standardized processes through the use of our applications regardless of the complexity or diversity of the job.

    Content Management — Cost savings and improved efficiency are realized through Computer Guidance’s content management, providing document management to support project data and workflows facilitating the timely processing of transactions. Your organization whether in the field or office are interconnected while ensuring that business-critical documents are easily accessible for your daily operations.

    Mobile Applications — Field workforce productivity is improved with Computer Guidance’s mobile applications, allowing accelerated billing and payroll cycles, collection of project data by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and reducing redundant data entry. Your remote workers enter and review payroll information, equipment usage, production quantities and more to ensure real-time and accurate job cost accounting.