Equipment Accounting

Application Overview

Computer Guidance’s Equipment Accounting solution compares and tracks all of your fixed assets along with their location, maintenance and cost recovery. All of this is performed in a system fully integrated within the eCMS suite, so there is never a need for duplicate entry.

With the eCMS Equipment Accounting application, customers are able to manage Automatic Equipment Charges, Equipment Charge Rates, Equipment Location, Scheduled Maintenance, Equipment Usage, Equipment Costs, Repair Costs, Fixed Asset Depreciation, Calculations of Book and Tax Depreciation Amounts, Equipment History (usage, ownership, costs, maintenance), and more.

Integrated Business Intelligence application allows for the creation of custom dashboards and reports providing real-time viewing and analysis of equipment-related information. Having on-demand and accurate visibility into equipment and fixed assets costs and their performance allows contractors to make informed decisions such as rent vs. buy or to find better ways to extend the life of an asset while controlling costs.

Application Highlights

  • Automatic Equipment Charges
  • Flexible Equipment Charge Rates
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Real-time Equipment Status
  • Management Reports and Dashboards
  • Dispatch Board Integration
  • Equipment Accounting Compares and Tracking:
    • Cost vs Repair Cost
    • Physical Location Tracking
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Cost Recovery
    • Fixed Assets
  • Depreciation Calculations
  • Shop Overhead Allocation