Construction Operations, Project & Service Management

Construction Cloud ERP Software: eCMS
Smarter Construction. Complete Collaboration.

Managing your projects successfully in today's construction workplace can be difficult, due to their diverse nature and complexity. Over 90% of construction projects will never reach completion on time and on budget. Productivity improvements, proactive measures and operational efficiencies are always of importance and value. With integrated applications, advanced business intelligence at hand and on-demand software access, your jobs are completed on time and budget.

Our Project Collaborator helps you successfully manage your complex field operations, as well as to provide a single solution that manages the entire lifecycle of a project. Real-time communication of business-critical financial and project information between the job site and the back-office is imperative for successful initial planning to detailed management of project operations and financials. These easy-to-use applications fully link all of your critical project information, and for additional productivity gains, the mission-critical data is displayed in a graphically rich, comprehensive dashboard application for high-level executive and detailed drill-down reporting capabilities. Stay fully informed across your organization, no matter where your projects may take you.

From managing service contracts, to generating work orders at the office or in the field, to efficiently dispatching technicians, our Service Management application provides a complete solution for all aspects of your service and facilities management business.

With our mobile applications and capabilities, we enable construction and service firms’ field service technicians, project teams, and all remote and office workers to receive real-time service work order details or any project information, capture and transmit up-to-date status updates such as labor time, equipment time, parts and materials, CORs, and any applicable information to all stakeholders, and process workflows, alerts and approvals on demand. In doing so, eCMS applications shorten billing and payroll cycles, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, redundant data entry and inaccuracies, and ultimately lead your organization to more profitable and smarter construction.