Order Processing

Application Overview

Computer Guidance’s Order Processing & Inventory application is powered by an interactive online system that allows users to enter, maintain and track orders. Orders can then be designated to internal jobs, customers or equipment. Orders are automatically back ordered when sufficient inventory is not available. Once inventory becomes available, the order is released back into the system. This functionality is fully integrated with the eCMS solution suite, so information is available enterprise wide.

With the Order Processing & Inventory application, users can also generate a transfer request for Parts or Equipment from a Warehouse to a Job, or from a Job to a Warehouse, and process the transfer through either the Order Processing & Inventory or the Equipment Accounting application. These transfer requests are initiated through the Field Order Entry menu in the Order Processing & Inventory application.

In summary, the Order Processing & Inventory application provides contractors with the ability to automate pricing, manage order inquiries, adjust quotatations, track multiple warehouse inventories, maintain orders and concisely manage inventory as it integrates with all financial and accounting applications within the eCMS ERP.

Application Highlights

  • Automated Pricing
  • Concise Inventory Management
  • Quotations and Order Creation
  • Order Management and Maintenance
  • Advanced Order Inquiries
  • Multiple Warehouse Tracking
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Customizable Pick Ticket
  • Customer Invoice Templates