Enterprise Content Management


Improved Productivity and Efficiency
Automated Business Processes throughout the Enterprise

Expanding on the core functionality, the eCMS Productivity Tools provide your company with additional utilities to automate workflows, manage documents and increase user productivity.

eCMS includes a Document Imaging application that allow for the scanning and capture of printed documents and association to records in another applications. In addition, the eForms application enables custom creation of electronic forms and printing information from within eCMS.

Along with document management solutions, Computer Guidance’s Workflow application is a timesaving solution for your entire company. Workflow defines the business process where documents or information follow a specific processing route. The paper trail that currently streams through most companies represents a manual workflow process, which can be automated using the Workflow application. An electronic (imaged) document travels via your company's computer network to any one person, group of individuals or departments as determined by your organization's policies, eliminating document cycle breakdown. With Archival, important documents can be indexed and retrieved on demand in support of an audit or any documentation need.

Computer Guidance's ECM applications ensure that your organization whether in the field or office are interconnected and business-critical documents are easily accessible for your daily operations.