Scale Interface

Application Overview

Interfaces with the industry’s most commonly used scale ticketing systems and Computer Guidance’s scale interface solution. Manages the flow of customer, department, and job orders and captures data on hired or brokered vehicles. Creates A/P vouchers to record the trucking cost by vendor, generate order releases, and manage customer invoicing.

Application Highlights

  • Load Weight Tracking
  • Automated Ticket Generation
  • Linking Tickets, Contracts, Material Pricing and Haul Charges
  • Haul Charge Calculation for Self and Subcontracted Material Delivery
  • Vehicle Tare Weight Capture and Archival
  • Units of Measure Conversion

Scale Interface Integrations

  • Seltec
  • Command Alcon (JWS)
  • Cardinal
  • Aztec
  • WEM
  • Libra
  • Sysdyne
  • Incontrol